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For Landlords
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Typically, a landlord will approach a telecom site management company with two things in mind: How much revenue will the rooftop generate – and how will this affect my workload?

With AC Site Management as your site management company, our task is to attract the best possible tenant to the site. We seek tenants that have a sound business plan and the acumen to construct a viable telecom system, all while compensating the building owner in a timely and profitable manner.

Unfortunately, other management companies promise highly exorbitant revenue numbers that far exceed what the market can actually bear.

Those expectations will hold, but only long enough for the tenant to become frustrated with these exaggerated rates. Ultimately, the tenant will seek an alternative site. The end result is the loss of a customer and - worse yet, a lost stream of revenue for the landlord.

At AC Site Management, our philosophy is different. We always look at the long–term goal of keeping exceptional tenants on the site as a steady and dependable source of revenue for years to come.

Additionally, we lighten the burden on the landlord by taking on the bulk of the technical issues involved in professionally managing a communications site. We work hand-in-hand with your legal experts in drafting rooftop license agreements and renewals that meet your specifications.

By working in partnership with the landlord and bringing quality tenants to the site, AC Site Management will raise the profile of your telecom site within the industry and attract new sources of income that will add value to your bottom line.